About me

My name is ihsan Kehribar and I'm an engineer. I got my M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees in Electronics from Sabanci University, Istanbul, TURKEY.

During my master's studies, I worked on the design of the ezAFM (Easy to use and affordable Atomic Force Microscope), particularly on the control electronics and software side of the device. I constructed a dual Microblaze based FPGA system for the primary digital control system and wrote firmware for each processor in C. Also I designed hardware drivers for several ADC/DAC peripherals and interfaced them with the Microblaze processors, implemenented DDS based function generator and worked on creating a lock-in amplifier system, all in VHDL. Apart from those, I also designed analog frontend circuitry for several ADC/DAC chips, prototyped and debugged them. Lastly, I designed the USB based backend communication software library for this device in C#. Further development of the ezAFM is being handled by the Nanomagnetics Instruments engineering team.

Apart from the projects I've taken part during my master's studies, I worked as an Electronics Engineer for several companies, developing firmware, software, analog circuitry and PCB layout for various projects. Some of these projects involved: designing precision analog circuitry for Ion Chamber detectors, developing ethernet based remote measurement system protoype, building a closed loop control based precision sample rotator system to be used in Physics experiments with accompanying Labview drivers, working on embedded linux board bringup, debugging a precision nanomanipulator system, building a C# GUI software for a car-tracking hardware and delivering a prototype design for clamp based ohmmeter with SMS telemetry.

I am a big supporter of the Open Source Hardware movement and have taken part in the development of several projects. Little Wire is the first product that I put on market. It is manufactured and sold internationally by Seeed Studio in China. I'm currently tinkering with a variety of product prototypes which I hope someday will be out on the market.

This site contains some of my experiments in hardware and software. I have learned a lot from other people's projects and I hope the material I share will be helpful for others as well.

In the non-engineering part of my life, I play guitar and keyboard and have been a part of various bands during college. I also worked as the technical lead for the college music club for two years and worked as a tonmeister for several concerts. Moreover I have experience with recording hardware and I've recorded and mixed several songs for myself and my friends.